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Feeding For A Strong, Healthy Puppy

It's important to choose the right food for your new puppy with a good quality source of protein and carbohydrate to support your puppy as he grows. Any changes to your puppies food should be introduced gradually. He will usually need 3 meals a day until he's 6 months old. Keeping regular meals will maintain a good, healthy digestion.

Puppies require a good quality protein (min 28%) to help them grow and develop a healthy immune system. Look at the ingredients list for named meats such as Chicken or Salmon. Carbohydrates provide energy and fibre and should also be from a good source. Sweet Potato is an excellent source of Carbohydrate and gentle on the digestion.

Top Tips Ensure the kibble size is appropriate for your puppy Check the label to ensure it contains quality ingredients Keep to regular meal times and leave your puppy to eat in peace. If he doesn't eat it all after 20 minutes remove the bowl. This will prevent him grazing his food throughout the day encouraging him to become fussy. Ensure any changes to his diet are introduced very gradually


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