The Foraging Hound

sniffing out natural wholesome ingredients

Hypoallergenic Dog food with high quality ingredients to keep your dog happy and healthy

Grain Free | Wheat and Gluten Free | High Meat Content | Made in the UK | Not Tested on Animals


The foraging hound is Monty our 13 year old Beagle. Monty is a typical lively Beagle who loves his food and is full of character. We were looking for a high quality food that would keep him fit and healthy but also taste great. Monty was very pleased to be chief taste tester to ensure all the recipes met with his seal of approval. Monty can be found foraging around the fields of Cheshire....arooooo!

Monty lives alongside junior forages Megan and Martha our 2 younger Beagles who like to chase him round and generally cause lots of mischief. They love their walks and playing with their many friends.

With animal welfare our prime concern we are proud to display the cruelty free PETA logo and uncaged logo on all our range of products.


Sniffing out natural wholesome ingredients

Our Flavours

Succulent Salmon with Sweet Potato

Gourmet Chicken with Sweet Potato

Hearty Lamb with Sweet Potato

Delicious Duck with Sweet Potato
Small Paw Chicken + Sweet Potato


Lamb Supper with Rice

Scrumptious Salmon with Potato

Skinny Chicken and Rice
Chicken and Rice

The Foraging Hound

Grain Free

Hypoallergenic Dog Food
Wheat and Gluten Free
Not Tested on Animals

Made in the UK

Natural and Delicious
Available from Chester

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Hypoallergenic Dog Food